Economic and Social Council

ECOSOC, one of the six main organs of the United Nations established by the UN Charter in 1946, is the principal body for coordination, policy review, policy dialogue and recommendations on economic, social and environmental issues, as well as for implementation of the internationally agreed development goals.

Agenda: The problem of international smuggling and counterfeiting

Working language: English
Members and observers: 54+3
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Honorable Delegates!

I am very glad to welcome you to the annual MSUMUN as a President of our committee! The agenda we are going to work on is quite relevant nowadays. The global economy loses more than US$2 trillion annually due to smuggling, counterfeiting and other forms of illicit trade that hold back progress on the global development agenda. It is a global problem of enormous scale, impacting every industry sector around the world.

The world is suffering significant economic, health and safety consequences as a result of widespread international smuggling and counterfeiting. Small businesses, knowingly or unknowingly buy counterfeit technology or equipment, and suffer unanticipated costs in breakage, business downtime, and unenforceable warranties. Foreign investors are reluctant to invest when the return on investment of a new product is made more uncertain by unenforced intellectual property rights. Of even greater concern, individual consumers risk health and safety as they are duped into buying faulty automobile parts or unsafe medicines. Moreover, governments themselves have been victims of counterfeiters as fake repair components find their way into, for example, military aircraft and equipment.

And still counterfeiting and smuggling continue to increase. The international response to illicit trade is largely fragmented among many sectors vulnerable to illicit trade, which necessitates a joint approach that considers the interconnected nature of the problem, commonalities and points of convergence among its various manifestations. Nowadays every country is feeling the malignant effects of illicit trade, underscoring the need for expanded partnerships and cooperation among governments to push back against this deterrent to global sustainable development.

That is why, thanks to your diligent work on the resolution during the session a significant contribution will be made in order to save the world from smuggling and counterfeiting.

Model UN gives us a great chance to try ourselves in solving the world’s burning issues of the day and we cannot miss this opportunity!

Sincerely yours,

Economic and Social Council President,
Irina Timoshenko



Dear friends,

It has been three years since I joined MSUMUN ECOSOC for the first time. I started as a delegate, then became an expert and now serve as your Vice-President. This means that I know ECOSOC from the inside, and I am honored to say – it is a unique Council, whose resolutions include clear roadmaps aimed at improving living conditions of millions of people all over the globe regardless of their race, sex, sexuality or faith.

According to the UN Charter, we need “to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom”. This is what we do here – we monitor situation within economic and social spheres around the world, we take actions to end poverty, hunger and other consequences of lawlessness and conflicts, we help those in need when states fail to do that themselves.

My colleague Irina has already underlined the importance of our current agenda, so I am not going to duplicate her. In addition to knowledge, in the course of ECOSOC session you will be able to overcome your fears, learn how to speak in front of an audience, debate and defend your point of view. You will get a chance to feel yourself as a real diplomat defending the interests of your state. Maybe it will even change your worldview as it happened to me.

Carpe diem,

Economic and Social Council Vice-President,
Diana Khadzhimuradova

Welcome on board dear prospective delegates!

I am eager to cooperate with you as an Expert of the MSUMUN 2021 Economic and Social Council! It has been a long and unstoppable story of the UN modelling for me! I would be blissfully happy to share my experience and learn from you!

It is surely a challenge to some extent when taking part in ECOSOC meetings. Our Committee covers a broad area of various problems which are all aimed at achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, ECOSOC modelling is also an honour due to its solid status in the UN Charter!

We shall soon collaborate on a very complex issue of illicit trade. Therefore, it would be vitally important to perform as a team where everyone plays the role. Thus, dear friends, respect each other and make the world more friendly like the MSUMUN ECOSOC has been made every year!

Keep in mind that your great helpers are the text and law, prove your facts. That is certainly the right way to reaching an agreement!

As an expert I promise doing my service to make our work efficient, constructive and beneficial for everyone!

Always here for you,
Economic and Social Council Expert,
Nikita Shikhatov


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